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Oley Valley Heritage Association
Items for Sale
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Oley Valley Heritage

Oley Valley School Dedication "Oley Township Consolidated School Dedication Program of November 15, 1930"
$5 (includes tax)
Description: For those interested in the history of the Oley Schools, OVHA reprinted the 1930 dedication program. This program was originally for the dedication of the school on Jefferson Street in Oley that now serves as the Oley Valley School District Administration Building. Included in the 52-page program are an article entitled "The History of the Oley Schools" written by Newton W. Geiss, an article entitled "The Consolidation of Oley Township" written by F. H. Stauffer, many details on the building's construction, a listing of staff, some photos, and many interesting ads from businesses in the area. The program is interesting to read and will provide a lot of information for those doing research.
Oley Valley Photographic Journey "The Oley Valley: A Photographic Journey"
$35 (includes tax)
Table of Contents
Sample Pages 16-17, Sample Pages 130, 209
Description: A hard cover book published by OVHA in 2010 featuring over 400 vintage photographs, the majority of which were taken before 1950. The 255-page hard-bound book takes the reader on a photographic journey of the rich agrarian, cultural and social history of the Oley Valley. According to Thomas E. Turner, III of Seaber Turner Book Printing, quot;The Oley book is one of the most well produced books I have helped a Pennsylvania historical society bring to their region."
Oley Valley Heritage Association "Annals of the Oley Valley" by Rev. P. C. Croll, D.D.
$22 (includes tax)
Index to the Book
Description: Originally published in 1926 and reprinted by OVHA in 2010. The Annals details the history of families who settled in the Oley Valley and is a treasure for those doing genealogical research.
Oley Valley Heritage Association "Fragments of the Past"
by Dr. Peter G. Bertolet.
$20 (includes tax)
Table of Contents
Description: Originally published by the Woman’s Club of Oley Valley in 1980 and reprinted by OVHA in 2012. The Woman’s Club created this publication from a manuscript of over 400 pages written by Dr. Peter G. Bertolet who practiced medicine in the Oley Valley from the mid-1840’s until his death in 1865.

Other Items
Oley Valley Heritage Association 30th Anniversary Ornament
$15 (includes tax)

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, the OVHA contacted Clay on Main, a local non-profit cooperative clay studio in Oley which offers classes, workshops and lectures, to produce a limited edition commemorative ornament of the Association’s logo featuring the DeTurk house originally created by the late Gerald H. Yoder of Oley Valley Redware. Studio members designed and painted each individual ornament, making no two alike.

Oley Valley
$15 (includes tax)
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Oley Valley Heritage Association Oley Valley Heritage Association Oley Valley Heritage Association
Oley Valley Heritage Association Oley Valley Heritage Association Oley Valley Heritage Association
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