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Oley Valley Heritage Association


The Oley Valley Heritage Association is a group of people who are very proud of their heritage in the Oley Valley and share a common interest in keeping the history of the Valley alive. We welcome you to enjoy your visit by viewing historic properties and beautiful scenery from the Oley Valley, Berks County, Pennsylvania and learning what our organization is all about.


The background of the Oley Valley Heritage Association can be traced to a local water loss incident in Oley Township in October 1978. A Concerned Citizens group looking for help, applied to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Oley Township was subsequently selected for the Trust's Rural Project in 1980-83. At the conclusion of the project, the whole township was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the largest nomination of its kind. After the National Trust project ended, the Oley Valley Heritage Association was incorporated.

Today, the Oley Valley Heritage Association has the following Mission Statement:

Mission Statement

The Oley Valley Heritage Association is dedicated to promoting education, publishing information and encouraging preservation of those subjects that reflect the heritage of the Oley Valley.

Oley Valley Historical Society


Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:00PM

Oley Fair Centre Building, 24 Jefferson Street, Oley, PA

Spend an evening with Darius Puff, a descendent of the Lenape, as he portrays his Native American heritage. Dressed in the garb of his ancestors, Mr. Puff will teach us about the early lives of the Lenape who lived here in PA's Oley Valley and the changes their society went through in the 18th century through the use of artifacts (real and reproductions), furs, and traditional storytelling.

All ages will enjoy and are invited to attend this FREE event!

No membership is required but would be greatly appreciated!

Complimentary light refreshments will be provided after the program.

Oley Valley Heritage Association
DeTurk House c. 1767
Oley Valley Heritage Association
Fisher House c. 1801
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